Pulse Wave Deicing & Anti-ice System

Aircraft New and Retrofit Deicing System

Wide-Bodied Passenger Plane Deicing Schematic

Electro Impulse De-icing System (EIDS)

  • Light weight airplane, general aviation
  • UAV
  • Helicopter
  • Business-jet
  • Space apparatus

EIDS – 4th Generation

  • Proven safety of flight
  • Fuel economy
  • Extremely low weight and power consumption
  • Proven high reliability and efficiency
  • Extensive life time
  • Easy installations and servicing
  • Low operating costs

Safety & Cost Benefits of Retrofitting Airplanes

1. Flight safety

Proven flight safety in 100 percents of cases in all weather conditions
with temperature variations from 0° to -50°С and
any intensity of ice formation (up to 7,5 mm/min)

2. Fuel flow

Reduced fuel flow (used only for propulsion not heating).Saved fuel flow from 10% to 20% for each flight.

3. Less weight

Low weight (from 650gr for small UAV’s – 25kg for A380)

4. Extra low energy consumption

Reduced energy consumption – less in 100 thousands times than heating de-icier.

5. Reduced power consumption from 15W to 60W.

6. Experience operating and facts

Perfect in operating. No structure wearing and damage for ten thousand flying hours.
Over 200 planes for more then 30 years and 30 million flight hours have proven the reliability and efficiency and low life cycle cost for passenger airplanes.

7. Service life time

No limitation in service life. Present reached service life is 30 years for IL-86 and 40years for IL-38M . For IL-96 20 years or 20.000 hours.

8. Universal for the use on different materials and structure

Used on aluminum, steel, plastic, composite structure  as well as for small profile.