About PWT Impulse EIDS

PWT Impulse EIDS History

First Invention
EIDS sample invented180 patents until now1962
First Test Flight
Flight in natural icingIL-18, TU-1541967
First US Patent 3.549.964 & 3.672.610.1968

1st Generation EIDS

Official certification & serial production IL-38M Anti submarine1970
Publication USSR electric-pulse de-icing systemAircraft engineering, 1972, №7London 1971
An electro-Impulse de-Icing systemTech Air, 1971, №9London 1972

2nd Generation EIDS

Certification of the wide body passenger aeroplane.IL-86 (350 PAX), IL-76, AN-124 (stabiliser)1980
Journal of Aerospace Engineering, part G, IMechE 1991, Proc Instn Mech Engrs Vol. 205, London“Interavia” Dec. 1991, London1991
Special long range aeroplane and the aeroplane for the Russian PresidentIL-96 (350 PAX)
FAA approved (first new ice protection technology for 40 year)IL-96T cargo aeroplane
US Patent № 4.253.704
UK Patent№ 2.040.725

3rd Generation EIDS

Lightweight system for regional aeroplane and GA. (28 V)L-114: 15 kg 200 W


GA 5-6 kg 70-100 W
Accord 201 6kg 50W2006
Publication Information on impulse de-icingFlight International, 9-15 and 23-29, April, 19971997
De-icing for IL-114
EIDS 3rd generationThe 42nd International Paris Air Show
US Patent№ 514 5640, 531 8253
EURO Patent№ 042 8750
UAV EIDSDeveloping system for lightweight UAV’s ect.2-3 kg. – 10-20 W2003

4th Generation EIDS

Gold medal for the best advanced technology for 2005 The best advanced technology show, Russia 2006
Silver medal “Archimed”The International Innovation show, Russia 2007
Satellite Office:
13, Vspolnyi pereulok, 103001, Moscow, Russia

Phone: +7 (495) 691-5168

Fax: +7 (495) 691-5168

The Science

EIDS technology is based on a short-term electromagnetic field creating a high-speed acceleration pulse-wave on the surface. Minimum electric power consumption is needed.

The system is well-proven ice protection system widely used on Russian and Ukrainian aeroplanes since the seventies but not well known outside the former Soviet Union.

The technology was conceived in Russia and developed over a period of 40 years. Russia has a very harsh meteorological and maintenance environment. The traditional de-icing/anti ice systems have several disadvantages. At the beginning of the sixties it became clear it was necessary to find new and more efficient technologies to solve the icing problems. Many years of research have shown and proven the superiority of the EIDS technolgy over the traditional de-icing methods.

The development of the 1st generation system contained extensive fundamental development with extensive flight tests with 1.000 hours in all icing conditions. The 2nd generation development was an optimisation process with 25.000 ice removal test followed by a total of 600 hours of flight in all icing conditions. After certification, the aviation authorities continued to follow the program with intensive monitoring systems accumulating approximately 300.000 flight hours.

The development of the EIDS system was kept very secret by the USSR until it broke apart.

The president of PWT-Impulse, Dr. Igor A. Levin, is the founder and inventor of the basic principles of EIDS and Pulse Wave Technology. He obtained his Master degree in 1962 were the basic EIDS principle was invented and PhD in 1970 from Aircraft Engineering University of Moscow. His doctorate was awarded for creation and development of the Pulse Wave Technology. In 2005 Dr. Levin was awarded the Technical Inventor medal for the Russian Federation in connection with the 3rd generation EIDS system.

PWT-Impulse has the last 40 years continually improved the system resulting in a very lightweight system, securing low power and outstanding de-icing capabilities in all weather conditions. Over the years, international patents have been issued in Western countries for all the basic EIDS ideas and key solutions. We continue to develop our system to protect the inventions with new patents.

PWT’s EIDS system was approved by FAA in 1998 and also approved by other aviation authorities since 1970. We are confident in stating that we are the only company having aeroplanes with EIDS in serial production since 1970. This know-how reduces risk in all new customer applications.

In addition to aeroplane de-icing, PWT Impulse uses the 3rd generation EIDS for cleaning roofs of snow and ice (e.g. 6 new monorail metro stations in Moscow use the 3rd generation EIDS system with a typical aviation leading edge to prevent large snow and ice lumps from falling down on pedestrians). Furthermore, PWT Impulse uses the technology to prevent dry residue settling on the walls of spray drying equipment under high temperature production processes, unloading problems of frozen solid bulk from railway cars, under the trademark “Pulse Wave Technology – PWT”.

There is ongoing research in order to improve the systems and to extend the areas where they can be used. Fruitful ideas and solutions, combined with substantial experience gained in the laboratories, pilot plants and operational experience, have provided the opportunity to create progressively more successful modifications of the devices, improving their operational and technological characteristics in every possible way.