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The science of PWT is the answer to safe aeronautical travel in freezing climates. Low environmental and economical cost, along with decades of proven commercial airline success place PWT as the leading solution for de-icing and anti-icing today and into the future.

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Pulse Wave Technology:
The Clean & Affordable Deicing Solution

Extreme weather changes can impact an airplane both on the ground, or in flight.  Igor Levin Pulse Wave Technology has been proven for over a decade on commercial and private planes. Using as little as 5w of energy, PWT solution provides safe deicing for all aerospace needs. Used on commercial jets, passenger planes, drones and more – trust PWT Global for your deicing needs.

PWT Global Overview

Snow & Ice Removal (Aerospace)

Electro Impulse De-Icing System

Outperforms All Other De-icing & Anti-ice Systems

  • Fast, efficient and reliable de-icing in all weather conditions
  • Extremely low weight and power consumption
  • Over 40 years of field opeartion and production
  • An evolving science for today and the future
  • 180 international Patents

EIDS Advantages

Remarkable Payload Increase

– Simplified design for wings, slats and body
(Eliminating warm and bulky ducts – possible composite skin)

– Reduced fuel consumption  
(No longer waisted on external heating)

– Low weight
(2-3 kg for small UAV’s – 50 kg~A380)

– Less power
(10-500 W)

Durable & Efficient

  • Works in all icing conditions
    Not affected by icing rate nor temperature. Unlike previous chemical systems which can create a liquid layer under a layer of ice if the heating or liquid systems are turned on too late.
  • No aerodynamic effect –
    It is installed underneath the skin of the wing
  • Acceleration skin –
    No impact between inductor and the surface of the wing. No vibration in coils.
  • Small average current –
    Gives very low temperature
  • Low life cycle cost
    Product can last up to twenty years

EIDS Improves Safety

  • All leading edges can be protected on stabilizer, fin and engine air inlets.
  • Operational during the entire flight
  • Full de-icing capability during quick descend (not available on bleed air systems)
  • No dangerous bleed air ducts in structure and near fuel system. Prevents “Stress Corrosion Cracking” typical for bleed air aluminium LE
  • Proven effective from 0°C to -50°C
  • Ice bursts into small pieces too small to harm aeroplane, engine etc.
  • No re-freezing problems

Operating Reliability & Safety Statement

  • EIDS has not lead to any problem relating to: safety, normal operation or departure delay of any aeroplane.
  • No limitation in service life. Has reached service life of 30 years for IL-86 and 40 years for IL-38/38M. For IL-96 it is 20 years or 20.000 hours.
  • Installed on over 200 planes for more than 30 years and 1,5 million flight hours have proven the reliability, efficiency and low life cycle cost.
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